Hiii Love,


I started my brand B R I A N N A  H E L T O N, to be able to express to others my own personal style and creativity. I love being able to walk in a room and not be afraid if I am too dressed up or not, being able to be confident in whatever im wearing. I wanted to start this personal platform to show you how I am able to express myself through my own clothing and hopefully help others aong the way. Within my blog you will see how I personally style my brand and what my day to day lifestyle looks like. Everything in my shop is handmade, also with the ability to be custom. We all know how hard it is sometimes to find something that fits you just right, a huge factor being that every body type is different. There are tons of platforms that women seem to believe show you what a girl or women should look like. For me, that is something we all learn to not be true, you yourself are beautiful just the way you are, nor will you look like those other girls, they have their own body type just as you have your own body type. Every women should embrace their own personal body and be proud of it. This is something I want to reflect in this blog and my brand, something every girl can feel confident in and be fashion forward at the same time.


This clothing brand isn’t just made for one girl, whether you are a runner, gymnast, business women, stay at home mom, entrepreneur, receptionist, going to brunch with the girls, having a date night, going to a business meeting, walking your dog; the list can be endless. This brand is meant for you, an everyday girl. Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me and why I started this brand. I hope you have fun shopping and I look forward to getting to know each and every one of my customers.